Antelope Island Red Rum 6/750ml

6 bottles per case, 750ml per bottle

Front Line Price: 166.00 or 13.83 Per Bottle

3 Case Price: 151.50 Per Case or 25.25 Per Bottle

10 Case Price: 144.00 per case or 24.00 per bottle

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Dented Brick is named in honor of the well driller that was responsible for the amazing artesian well that is located in the distillery and is the source of water for our spirits. The well driller was killed in a blazing gunfight that left impressions in the bricks of his house. Some of those “dented bricks” are a part of the distillery building and gave it its name.

Antelope Island RED is made from dehydrated green sugarcane juice from Lula Farm in Louisiana and a touch of molasses from the same source, brought to proof with the most important ingredient — artesian, limestone-filtered water. This water is sourced directly from the majestic Wasatch mountains of Utah, home to the greatest snow on earth. This snowmelt then flows into the distillery’s own artesian well creating the unique flavor profile crafted from this mineral rich water. Premium rum aged in Cabernet wine barrels makes Antelope Island Red unique.

Aging in wine barrels creates compelling aromas and flavors of cola candies, cinnamon red hots, marzipan, spumoni, and caramel syrup with a lean, soft, fruity light body and a hot, short finish that presents shades of root beer float and wood shavings finish. A serviceable rum for mixed drinks.

Aroma: Black tea, dates, and orange peel with a hint of black strap
Palate: Black pepper, black olive, and anise
Finish: Sweet notes of cedar and tangerine zest