Casa Marrone Pinot Grigio DOC (Delle Venezie) 12/750 mL

12 bottles per case, 750ml per bottle

Front Line Price: 120.00 or 10.00 Per Bottle

3 Case Price: 102.00 Per Case or 8.50 Per Bottle

10 Case Price: 96.00 per case or 8.00 per bottle

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Vintage: 2018
Alc%: 12%
Sugar: 0.1g/100ml
Serving Temp. 6 – 8°C
Vegan Friendly

The grapes are soft-pressed and the juice obtained ferments for 15-20 days at a controlled temperature, 15-17 °C (59-63 °F), in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then stored at 18-20 °C (64- 68 °F) in stainless steel tanks until bottling time. After the grapes are picked, they are soft-pressed in order to separate the juice from the pomace. The juice that is collected is then placed in stainless steel tanks for the fermentation process, this takes place over 15 – 20 days at a controlled temperature of 15 – 17 °C (59 – 63 °F). Following the fermentation process, the wine is then stored in new stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 18 – 20 °C (64 – 68 °F), it will wait here until it’s time to be bottled. A classic example of a fresh, Italian pinot grigio, with a distinctive yellow colour and refreshing taste. Opening up a bottle of Casa Marrone Pinot Grigio will reveal a plentiful and fresh bouquet, with mouthwatering notes of apple and a clean, fresh palate with a typical mineral taste. We recommend enjoying a chilled glass or bottle of our Pinot Grigio on a warm spring or summer’s day. Savour with great company and conversation as an aperitif, or pair with delicious fish dishes accompanied by fresh ingredients for an outstanding wine experience. The signature “spago” on Casa Marrone bottles is handmade, and along with the red seal is placed on every bottle. “Spago” is Italian for straw and is often used on the bottles of traditional Italian wine.