Den of Thieves Chocolate Whiskey 750ML 6/750ml

6 bottles per case, 750ml per bottle

Front Line Price:  147.00 or 24.50 Per Bottle

3 Case Price:  141.00 Per Case or 23.50 Per Bottle

10 Case Price:  132.00 per case or  22.00 per bottle

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Den of thieves Chocolate whiskey is a premium bourbon that turned up the notes of Cacoa, smokey oakiness and hints of dark roasted vanilla coffee. This gives the spirit a unique versitility to please social drinkers and whiskey connoisseurs alike. replace you old whiskey and try it in an old fashion. it’s guaranteed to steal a space in your collection as a favorite and go to drink.

40% Alcohol / 80 Proof

Made in the U.S.A.