Jan Stephenson Premium Craft Rum 750 mL

6 bottles per case, 750ml per bottle

Front Line Price: 99.00 or 16.50 Per Bottle

3 Case Price: 87.00 Per Case or 14.50 Per Bottle

10 Case Price: 75.00 per case or 12.50 per bottle

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What makes Jan’s Rum premium and craft? The mineral content of the on-site Artesian well water used during conversion and fermentation makes Jan’s a premium Rum. The high quality sugar grown at Lula Sugar Farm in Louisiana makes this a Premium Rum. The labor, care, and small volume produced in the batch mashing, fermentation and distillation makes Jan’s Rum craft. Jan’s Premium Craft brands are really Premium Craft. It’s not just words, it’s our own category. We’ve handcrafted Vodka, Gin, and Rum, made with the same premium ingredients in our premium brands, but sold at reasonable retail prices. We hope low enough to allow your favorite craft cocktail bar carry these products in their well for you!