Masuave Anejo Tequila 6/750ml

6 bottles per case, 750ml per bottle

Front Line Price:  249.00 or 41.50 Per Bottle

3 Case Price:  240.00 Per Case or 40.00 Per Bottle

10 Case Price:  231.00 per case or  38.50 per bottle

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Másuave Añejo is double-distilled and rests for eighteen months in whiskey barrels and new American Oak casks. Once this delicate aging process is complete and the two separately aged tequilas have formed their unique personalities, the result is a mature, robust union that delights both the tequila enthusiast’s palate as well as the novice. Mellow and superbly smooth with exquisite scents of warm vanilla, our Añejo invokes a signature flavor steeped with subtle hints of raisins and spiced plum. Másuave Añejo delivers a tempered, sophisticated sensation that simply ignites the taste buds.